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NPD Littlies


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Hard going today we arrived a little late and had to open and close the gate ourselves.

At least Dino had chased the pelicans away from the ramp but still plenty of stench as there was no breeze.

Not many live shrimp in our traps but plenty of dead ones probably due to it being a fortnight since we last checked them combines with the influx of fresh water.

We found quite a few schools of fish on the sounder but they were mostly forkies and gradually made out way down the dam towards the far marker where we could see Dino and a yakker,

Dino left as we arrived and we found plenty of bass in mid water with forkies below. We only stayed for an hour as it was uncomfortable in the wind . Nearly half of our catch was under 30cm and nothing over 38cm. 54 bass ,1 yella and around 24 forkies.

Quick trip back to the ramp with the wind giving us an extra speed boost.

Back at the ramp by 11am and just avoided some really heavy showers.



npd 21.3.18 001.JPG

npd 21.3.18 002.JPG

npd 21.3.18 003.JPG

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