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Nice one squidjag. What a stunning beach! I have not seen that wheel set up before. Very clever.

It must have been a big whiting if you needed to skin it well done!

Do you get razor fish down that way? I loved eating them when we were at Streaky Bay. We do get them here in Moreton Bay but i think we are at the most northern end of there range. Ours are few and far between and the scallop is very small. 

I love seeing your vids and would love to see more. Thanks for posting

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Thanks Drop Bear.

I built that wheel myself as I couldn't source the square type set up in SA.

I tend to skin most of my fish these day mainly because it is quicker than scaling. :whistle:

We do get razor fish and I love eating them. Most people use them for bait, tho. I tend not to collect them nowadays because they have been over-fished.

Glad you enjoyed/ :)

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