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Easter Crabbing...


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Some success over the long weekend...

4 legal males in the end but really happy with the potential as I released 9 large jennies and equal number under sized males... Mostly only just under as well. 

Trying new baits..

Red meat is good but I think the wee bream pick it apart as there is never a skerreck left. I prefer mullet or the best salmon heads.



I really want to find the crab that keeps declawing big males...


The rewards were appreciated..


Happy Ostara, Easter or whatever you call it...

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2 hours ago, tugger said:

Nice work Angus 4 bucks is going good locally I need to give it a try around my local waters also have you tried chicken frames you can get them cheap from a few outlets

Yes I have when i can get around to it. Have had decent success. Rank in the car afterwards though hahaha.


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