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Had an invite to fish with mate Glen yesterday, so as I was resting an licking my wounds from my weekend at the sons place, I thought it would be a good idea.Glen has been targeting the saratoga lately so it was going to be something different for me as I usually dont have the patience for 4 hours of casting for very few fish.

Anyway I opened the account with a nice just a whisker under 80cm toga that attacked my white spinnerbait stayed connected for 3 winds of the handle, broke loose, then decided it realy did want that good looking never seen before thing and after a exciting fight it was in the net, quick pic quick release.

We headed off trolling for a short while, then Glen yells I am on and it feels big. It was, it was another toga, exactly the same size caught on a 5 dollar frenzy lure. I told Glen it was the same fish,it liked us and followed us.Glen was in a hurry to release and I never got a shot of him holding it.

We picked up a few bass while casting to the bank as well and overall it was an exciting morning.It pays to change your tactics every now and again.








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2 hours ago, fishingnut said:

Lovely fish ! That a pb for that dam mate ? 

Yeah new PB for that dam for me, went from 75 to nearly 80cm, lake K is my biggest at 85cm. They are a slippery hard to hold fish for a pic and I didnt realy want to use lip grips.

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