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City Boy Comes The Raw Prawn

Drop Bear

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Just a  quick one.

Headed southside for a bit of a cast net session today with my nephew.

Saltworks was empty and nothing on the sounder. Headed east and again nothing.

I called @tugger and he directed me to the power lines.

Nothing much there. We got a few casts with 8 in it but plenty more with 0.

Ended up with a few medium prawns. probably enough for entree. 

Raff had fun picking up the ones that jumped out of the buckets and had a go at cast netting.

Just made it home before it pored down.

Prawns for dinner yum! 






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7 hours ago, tugger said:

Was there many boats down at the power lines also the prawns might be running on a diferent tide  cycle now i will have to ask around to see who is getting them where and when.

there were about 12 boats sniffing around. No one was getting much really. 

My son made a delicious prawn risotto for dinner last night. Yew! #worthit

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