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Best Shark Fishing Spots


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Mate all the banks have changed - it's no good there at this time of year. Try the mouth of the tweed or at D'bah.

Beach fishing at North Kirra is OK.

If you want to wait till the pilly's come then Kirra will be OK for a short time.

Can you get to Fingal - there are heaps of toothies down there.

By the way welcome to the site - hope you like it and good to have someone from the boarder on line. When it comes to sharks there are a few \"experts\" on site but my advice is to practice in the brissy river and clean up at the up and coming BRC Shark comp in Dec. There will be more sharks then you can poke a rod at (we hope).

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Mate i have not done it.

But whever i read about sharkign at the gold coast the canals are always mentioned.

I would be keen to find a park bordering on a canal one night and just set up and wait.

This would be a good bet i reckon for some bullies and i plan on trying this myself when its a bit warmer.


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