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I've never used either lure myself but from what I've seen on youtube and reports this is what i think:

I would say the cranka crab is a better all round lure for bream fishing in varied environments from flats to deeper water/rock edges.

The 'muss' is definitely a harder lure to master and figure out - from what I've seen they're really only suitable for deep water around structure as they're a heavy lure without much action at all (they're basically just a vibe), meaning unless you're always fishing deep water jettys/pontoons with them you would be best off using them from a boat. They also tend to only lure in the bigger model fish (30cm+) that are happy to eat a lure of that size compared to the little picker bream. This means if you're fishing the muss you probably won't catch as many fish but they will be of good size, so quality over quantity. 

Examples of the muss being used:



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