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wich rod and reel to go with for all round fishing in australia

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So i am about to live in Australia for about half a year around the Perth region and im wondering wich size of the rod and reel i should go for, i have been looking around for a bit now and since i will be traveling around alot i thought i should get a 3piece rod though i know i have lees feeling with one then i would with a 2piece one. and for the reel i was thinking about a 3-4000 one but i dont know wich ones are better for saltwater and rock fishing etc, Thanks!

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I presume you are travelling around so you will be mostly land based.....

I would opt for 2.1m rod at 2-5kg or 3-6kg and mate it up to a 2500 size reel, then load it with 12 or 15lb braid. This will be a versatile rod for most of the coastline. I would not go with a baitcaster if you are only going to have the 1 rod.

You can change the leader down to light or go heavy with it depending on the target species.

2500 and 3000 shimano reels are the same drive, only difference is another 50-75m line capacity......Stradic 2500FL is a well proven workhorse and will last decades.

If i was to limit myself to two rods it would be 2.1m 2-4kg rod with Stradic 2500FL and 12lb Nitlon PEX8 for one setup and a 2.4m 5-9kg rod with a Stradic 4000FL and 30lb Tasline on it.

These two combos will handle just about anything around the coast and inland.

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11 hours ago, ellicat said:

If you're looking for one setup for your time here, I'm going to disagree with @mangajack and say go a 4000 size reel. You can get everything a 3000 will do plus probably more drag and line capacity. This may come in handy when fishing off the rocks, possible losing a bit of line to snags etc. Will you be fishing with bait or lures ?

The rocks can be a dangerous place to fish. Remember not to turn your back on the sea and consider wearing a life jacket, especially if fishing alone.

i will be going with lures most of the time, might get maximum of two setups if i feel like i need it after i got my first one but i hope to only stick with one thanks for the help!

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I'm on the east coast rather than the west but when I returned to Australia from living in the UK for many years I could only bring back one rod and reel combo on the plane (the rest of my gear was shipped back and wouldn't arrive for a couple of months). To cover me as best as possible for land-based fishing in estuaries around Sydney and the Central Coast until all my gear arrived, I opted for a 9 foot 4-piece 5-9kg travelling rod with a 15-35 gm casting weight and a 4000 size reel with a spare spool. It proved to be a good choice. I mainly fished bait with it but the rod was really designed for fishing lures in the casting range. The main reason I would go for the 9 foot rod rather than a 7 foot rod is that the extra casting distance the longer rod is capable of delivering can be quite useful at some locations.

BTW - all these years later even after the rest of my gear getting shipped back and buying a few more rods since then, that 9 foot 4-piece rod I brought back on the plane is still one of my two favourite estuary fishing rods - the other is a 8'6" 2-piece G Loomis with almost exactly the same casting weight and line weight range.


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Consider an Oceans Legacy Cloud 9 for the @ 7 foot or Dream Cast if you want something in the 9 foot range which would be perfect for spinning off the beach or rocks around WA for some australian salmon.  They make really nice 2 piece rods.

Oceans Legacy is a West Aus based company so have a look on Facebook Marketplace when you settle in as there was plenty of OCeans Legacy rods listed when I was last over there.

I agree, stick with a spin rod and suggest looking at Digitaka in Japan for a superceded Stradic 4000 (@AUD$220)

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