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fishing nth straddy


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Yeah Amity is good for squire.

I have also caught grassy sweetlip there.

Last time i was there there were tuna literally jumping out of the water well withing casting range as well.

The southern part turns into sandy flats as well. Great for crabbing and a lot of flatties are caught there. I dont think it would hurt to put out a shark line either. But be willing to put the time into finding out the tides. Due to the rainbow channel its very tide related.

If you haev a cast net there is a lways a tonne of bait there.


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Big WOBIGONG, also randoms. Like when my and my brother were younger, we would just go down and catch heaps of wrass and other things. Also got my first Bream, ever down at Amity Pt.

Oh yeah, if you want to catch plenty of Wobigongs, use a Garfish that has been cut in half. Like one part has the head, the other has the tail. and cast either out. At St Helena, I got 2 Wobigongs in 10 mins using garfish that had ben frozen for like 3 months or more. One of these Wobigongs was 1.2 metres. My biggest, not best, fish in Moreton Bay. Fun to catch, but I didn't specifically target them.

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