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Newstead 14th September 2006


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Well as promised we hit up Newstead in an attempt to get the first shark of the season for BRC. The team was Me, and couple of my mates from work, John and Greg and Troy.

Bait was scarce but it was there, so withing a few minutes we had all lines deployed. First fish of the eve was a 35 or so cm Estuary cod to me. Annoyingly this dropped as i was pulling it up onto the pontoon. I was not to worried however at least i got to see him!

Next Johns surf rod with wire trace and large silver biddy went screaming off. Whatever it was (hopefully shark) mamaged to spit the hook :( The second bait that was out on this was a live mullet and it got bait raped as well.

After that there was nothing for a while except a couple of catties.

Then came magic hour :P

Well it was exciting enough. Once again Troy called \"Salmon run\"! It did of course turn out to be ray. And over the next 2 hours we landed four more rays. One was on my little sp outfit which was great fun.

All and all nothing amazing. But it does feel in hindsite that there was always something going. we will back next week!


P.S. Cheers Troy for leaving the net. After you left the bait situation did actually improve and we had more than enough herring and prawns for the remainder of the night.

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Wilko: Bondage isn't hot if you like that sort of thing! :P .

Yeah it was a pretty good night B) .Two questionable runs on the handlines. Either Salmon or Ray. Both ended up being ray :( . Oh well still awesome fight. Esspecially with the big ray. Yeah Gus I'll just grab the net off you over the weekend. Gus you forgot about the Cattie you got on your sp outfit. He went running! Twice! :P . Also Greg's Cattie.


P.S. No Rays were harmed/killed! Released soon after capture and happy snaps. ;) .

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