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Why a yak and not a canoe?

Brian D

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Why are you guys all into yaks and so anti canoes?

I am thinking about a fresh water setup and considering the canoe for sale on Ausfish for $1600 with all the extras. Is it good value or is it a waste of money?

I don't realy want another boat hanging around and I thought a canoe would be fine - what am I missing?:S

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Angus wrote:

Rik refer to Website annoucnments.

But Brian ill just retype bascially what i said earlier.

I find Yaks far easier to manouvre for casting.

And despite what people say, they are very very stable.


A pity the other responses were lost but I remember basicly what they were saying - Yaks are lighter, eaisier to handle. eaisier to manoeuvre and suitable for off shore work. A canoe is not.

It must be the generation gap - cause I feel a canoe has a lot more to offer - like: I can't see my wife getting in a yak with me and cruising hinze dam but she would in a canoe.

I want a seat with a back and with a motor the monoeuvrability should not be a problem.

I want storage casue I tend to over pack. So I suppose it may not be trendy but the canoe would be more functional and more suited to my age and needs.

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