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slug combo


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How much you gunna spend? At the moment you can pick up a shimano TSS4 for about $130 if you check various specials and shop around. These reels have been the benchmark in the mackeral and tuna spinning game for the last 15 or so years, a real tried and proven performer at the best price you're likely to see them at. It is then a matter of matching them to a suitable spin stick. Most people use rods in the 7 - 8 foot range with many differing opinions on the best ones. A couple of commonly heard names in this field are Gary Howards \"Moreton bay spin sticks\", Wilson live fibre 8 foot 5-8kg spin rods, and 7 - 8 foot Ugly sticks also are regular contenders.

If you stay light with your line you will increase your casting distance, a big advantage. 6kg would be more than enough, but the lighter the be better. Macks and tuna don't run around snags but you may have to chase a few from time to time.

Cheers Kev

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