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Burpengary Creek


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Well Ferg and I hit the creek this morning, it was part exploration, part trying the small boat with Fergs motor, part seeing how dodgy the battery lent to me by Ray was!

Fergs Motor is a 10 year old 30lb thrust Evinrude, that was only ever used twice. It has a huge prop on it, and boy does it go in top! almost planning! Anyway fished the creek for 2 hours with soft plastics, did not get a bite, but did see a few boils about the place, and lots of wild life. Had a little kingfisher follow us the whole time catching the insects we disturbed from the mangroves.

Battery went fine, never turned the motor off for the 2 hours, the tidal run in there is quite fast with the current high tides, with the motor on 1 it would just stay in the same spot against the tide.

The creek is quite navigable down stream of the ramp, you Yakers would be able to traverse the downstream side with care, upstream would be pretty hard, had to do a lot of ducking to get through.

Believe it or not there were 3 or 4 boat trailers there when we got there, blokes running 12 foot boats downstream no worries! You can see where the bigger power boat users have cut off mangrove branches to give them access.

So all in all a good mornings outing, found somewhere close I can take one of the kids fishing with no hassles.

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