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Bay Bully


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On Friday night a mate and I left my place just befor 11:00pm to seek some shark out in the bay and having Arriving at sandgate jetty just after 12:00 we found the jetty to be packed with teenager sharkies :angry: The jetty was packed with shark lines and no where to move my mate and I had no choice but to get back in the car and find a spot befor the 3:00am low tide.

After a short drive a look at the map we found a nice beach that was going to be our spot for the rest of the morning .

We wasted no time in getting set up and deploying the eel baits into the water just befor 2:00am.

After falling asleep I woke up just on day break and having checking the time the low tide had came and gone with the rods just as we left them the glow sticks still on from the night.

I shut my eyes for some more rest . I was up just after 8:30am with the sun in my face and people walking there dogs on the beach I was thinking to myself if we are to get anything then it better happen soon when atthe point one of the rods ticked over and the glow stick about 5m down the line i new there was something on the end.

Anyway cut the story short got a 50kg bully and on the 2nd line a run about 11:00am .

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