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Possible expansion to no fish zones!!


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I heard from a guy..... who heard it from another guy....

At Tackle World actually, that if Labor was re-elected in

the last state election, which it was, that because of some deal they have with the greenies (not that they're a bad party:sick: ) that they were going to close off a substantial part of Moreton Bay to recreational and commercial fishing.

Does anybody know anything?:huh:

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I am in support of all bag limits being increased.

In addition I believe that some species should have a entire season ban placed on then.

Furthermore I would like to see rotational entire banning of an annual basis.

I hope they also slug the pros' for a restocking tariff which is held in trust to develope a local salt water breeding programe for every major waterway in QLD.

On top of his I hope they bring in a recrecational fishing licence fee to boost the trust fund.

Chew on that you guys!:dry:

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