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Logan River


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We went down to the Logan River yesterday cause of the weather. We didn't really get too many fish in the actual river. First catch was slightly up the river and was a 26 cm bream. We headed down the river to the mouth and I managed to catch a 29cm Whiting. We also saw a massive (400-500) of Mullet being chopped up by what we think was a Tailor or 2. We went of and put a few casts of the cast net in and we got about 50 mullet for later use in the bay.

After a while, the wind calmed down to 10-20 knots or so, so we managed to head out to rocky point (near the big power lines) and at the first spot we stopped at, I caught a big Moray Eel, and a small Whiting. My Dad also got a 30 cm Toadie on live bait. and my brother got a small ray and a Tarwhine.

We moved further down and then I started to catch a few small fish. I got a small Cod, a small Grassy Sweetlip, a couple of largish Moses Perch and a Bream. No one else caught any thing there.

Our crab pots that were left for 3 hours or so, managed to get a 9cm crab, and a 12cm crab. Both males. Although not too many fish, We did get our first ever Mud Crabs, but they weren't legal. Sadly the only fish to take our live baits was the toadie, even with a strong tuna oil berly trail, but atleast it was better than doing assignments.

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Yuck :sick: I hate eels that do that! The long-finned eels we catch in the fresh do the same thing and damn does it make a mess of your line! The slime is like something from ghost busters lol

At least the pike eels that we catch while shark fishing don't seem to try knotting themselves, them just attach you instead lol :silly:

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