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Prawning and Squiding around Brisbane..


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When and where are the best places to go for prawns and squid around Brisbane....

I used o go prawning as a kid in Windang (NSW) and it was great fun, out in the full moon with a light in one hand and a net in the other....

The waters up here are very different .. so what ime of year and tide and moon do the prawns go on the run ....

I am also keen for some Squid... do they run in the river or just the bay....???

Thanks in advance, :whistle:


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Good Mick

Mate I had the same problem until I bought a cast net. I am now on net #3.

I came from Sydney many years ago where I used to catch prawns with a hand scoop net and a tourch. Then moved to Tweed and using the same method caught heaps but now I mainly target cast netting from jetties. Way more productive but harder work and not as much fun.

The places and times I go are as follows:

Albert and Logan Rivers are good from any jetty towards the top of the tide and the run out.

I find Albert better, especially from the Eaglby jetty but take your dog or body guard.

Logan try Skinners Road jetties but watch the mossies.

Brisbane River: I like Colmslie Boat ramp but I am sure there are better spots - I just haven't found em yet. I found incoming to top best at this spot. The trawlers drag the river down at bit and if you see them working get your net out.

But my all time favourite spot is Redland Bay VMR ramp and jetty. Not only prawns but lots of bait fish.

If you want eating prawns Brissy River - that's the local bananna proawns you see in the shops.

Moon cycle is same as down south - around full moon is best.

Hope this helps and I hope the others let us in on their seceret spot x hot spots.

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Cowfish i hope they are bait prawns.

Due to factories upstream Oxley has loads of toxins and heavy metals in it.

Now i actually do eat fish from the river, mainly from the lower reaches, but i do refrain from eating them from somewhere where i know there are concertrated levels of harmful material.

As for the question at hand. I have seen amazingly huge prawns pulled from the majority of the pontoons in the lower reaches. Usually on a full moon.


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When they are on and your out in the bay you'll know about it. You will see literally 50-60 boats in this one confined spot all castnetting and all seem to be foreigners. When you see that happening head straight out to where they are netting except net around the perimeter of the boats about 30-50m away from them.

It's what we did but we weren't targeting Prawns. We were going for Bullies and accidently ran over the school and the Prawns went nuts. When we are out from Nudgee we usually see 2 or 3 trawlers out from Shorncliffe/Cabbage Tree Creek so they must be around that area somewhere. But we always seem to get a few good hauls of Prawns in Winter in the Lower Reaches of the River.

Some Prawns are quite big, maybe about 30cms long. Jordan can vouch for that and I think Angus has seen some arm length ones? :S . I beleive they are Eastern King Prawns since I have read they mirgrate in and out of large Estuaries and become quite large.

We have caught a few species of Prawns that I'm not sure exactly what species they are. I'd imagine they are either School Prawns or Banana Prawns. We have caught a few with the claws on them and Salmon guts have had Tiger Prawns in them. The Salmon have been tagged at Moggil and have been recaptured at Tangalooma on Moreton Island so maybe the Tigers are from the bay.


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The big ones are called \"Leader Prawns\" I think, try getting a bread stick and sticking a couple of the in it with some mayo and lettuce. Yumbo.

Thanks for the info Troy, but I was sorta thinking were are they now. But then I realised we realy need some good rain to fire them up and bring them up from the deeper areas.

The Trawlers have been fairly quite lately I think, either that or they have been super greedy.

Where oh where are all the prawns gone?

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