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DPI Blonde


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There have been numerous sightings of a rare and beautiful Blonde DPI Inspector. While I wouldn't doubt the verasity of these sightings I am yet to see the exotic beauty myself. In an effort to remove any doubt as to the authenticity of these sightings I propose a competition:

1 point for a photo of her in uniform

2 points for a photo of you with her

4 points for a photo of her on your brag mat

100 points for a photo of her out of uniform (civvies obviously)

...and remember its the DPI female only!

The competition will continue until we are sick of it... and now to the prize - bragging rights are yours. I would remind you ladies and gentlemen, we must show the utmost respect for the officer in question and all other members of the DPI

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lol, jayson is -1... cracking me up big time...

massive challenge:side: ... stinky bait fisherman cant win this one :X... gonna have to be a hardbody only comp :P

i'm willing to give it a go without a stalking charge...

knowing our luck, her girlfriend (mrsjimmybob) will prolly pipe and declare her taken.

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just got home, hefty 75 metre walk...

i have a photo with her face in the background with my old man (yuck).

got CS4 (newest photoshop), will see what i can do.

November FOTM = DPI Hot Fisherman Chicks? Piercings count as hooks :) Landings count as beddings.

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bootyinblue wrote:

Guys... I know this thread has been set up as a challenge and a bit of fun, but just remember Shelly is someones daughter, mother, wife and work partner.

Not saying its out of control now, but it has the potential so lets keep it moderately in good taste.

So she is a real person? I mean, there is really a person who is being talked about here? Gee, I didn't know. :blush:

Sorry.....:blush: We shouldn't be posting as such then. :blush:


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