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Somerset Dam 18/10/08


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Well hit the water at 6am, lots of fog, but not much in the line of fish.

I managed one ambitious yella, 40cm, on a cod lure, and that was it for the day. Sorry about the crook pic, but el cheapo mobile was the only camera I had with me.


The locals cleaned up on silver Perch and Tandanus on worms, and a couple of others Yella's were caught, best going 3.9kg, and about 60cm. Looked like a soccer ball with a head and tail!

Wind got up around 10ish, the drift was fast enough I could troll.

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Oh yeah, the silvers the locals get are huge (for silvers) ones weighed in were between 1.5 and 2.5kg. They reckon they dont like bait when they get that big, well the locals dont have any trouble convincing them to bite on garden worms!

I'm going to follow the locals next comp! and the missus' vegie garden is going to get a free dig!

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