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Catching Fresh Water Eels


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i can tell you a little bit about them. i used to fish with a guy who smoked and ate them who told me that eels grow different jaw shapes depending on the food that they eat. some develope big "vulpine"(wolf like) heads- these eels mainly prey on fish and large invertebrates, ducklings, small mammals etc. eels with smaller heads feed on small invertebrates, worms and such. this difference is above and aside the short/long fin distinction and is common to all freshwater (actually catadromous) eels and should be considered when bait fishing for them. it is a bit similar to an axoltl- it is the next stage in developement that is not essential for reproduction. we used to fish for them at mt crosby though there is a large population in clear island waters in the fresh. the city botanic gardens ponds contain absolute monsters that terrorise the duckling population. i've always caught them on mullet gut or something really stinky. be ready to change your leader after catching one as they twist like mad and the slime is harder to get off than a cattie's! smaller males tend to hang around estuaries and bigger rivers but large females will travel upriver as far as they can into the fresh. hope this helps you target them!

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