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A Sunday with expectations - VIDEO.


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I would of posted this earlier for you guys to read, but I only just discovered we can now cut/paste.


By the time midday Sunday rolled around I had mown the lawn, cleaned up the gardens and done a dump trip. There was nothing left on my 'to do' list for the day...so what else comes to mind...Bass fishing.

Because of the unexpected nature of the trip I fished my true local...something I havent done for a long time since I have been busy exploring new, further afield waters. I tied on some lures that I would use to start the session, packed the gear in the truck and headed off. Upon arrival I realised that the box of lures was still sitting on the kitchem table...lucky I at least had some tied on. So with only 2 lures to my name, I headed off.

The lures I had were a DD squirrel and a chatterbait. Well it didnt take long to discover the squirrel was well liked. First cast in fact! But that battle lasted as long as it took for the Bass to do its best impression of an Albright knot around a submerged stick seconds after it hit. Dang! Luckily the tackleback did its job.


Working the shady side of the river, which just happens to be my favoured side anyway...I pushed upstream casting to all the likely bass holding haunts. Winding the squirrel down and letting it suspend was working a treat, with the next 3 fish coming in good time. It seemed every shady spot held a fish, some just needed more casts than others to convince the Bass to eat.

Hitting hard and playing dirty I was having a field day...Pull too hard and risk popping the leader/pulling the hooks...or dont pull hard enough and get stitched up. Keeping in mind I only had 2 lures to work with. So it kept me on my toes.


Time for the chatterbait to get a swim...working along the steeper banks I started retrieving as per normal...but a pesky fly saw me pause the retrieve to try and splat the little bugger...It was then I got smackled, not by the fly, but by a 38cm Bass that hit on the drop. Beautifull fish that put up a great battle amongst the sticks. Many times I could feel the line rubbing against the submerged timber.


Continually switching lures depending on the bank contours and so on, I managed 13 fish for the day. Most of those were boated, but there were 3 that successfully evaded my attempts of a photo. They were smacking me up big time.

To make things even better my afternoon was shared with much of the local wildlife...including a drop lizard, white breasted eagle, a red belly black snake and a possible (cant be sure) brown snake.


So all in all over 10 fish caught...the tackleback was used three times...and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Oh, the catchrate ended up being...

DD Squirrel : 10

Chatterbait (with stinger hook) : 3



P.S Heres a video I put together of the afternoons session.


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Rocket75 wrote:

looks like great fun...cast, crank, pause...smash!:woohoo:


Using suspending minnows is quickly becoming my new favoured style of chasing Bass. Though I dont think it will ever overtake throwing topwater baits.

Thanks for the replies fellas...Its always good to know that the reports and videos are appreciated and liked.


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