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Electric outboards


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I found the link to the site with the yak with the petrol donk on the back, unfortunately they have had a "AFO" type image event as well with their last site upgrade, and the pics dont show. But if oyu want to read about it here is the link. (The bloke who owns it is a nice bloke, gave me permission to repost the pics here - he might send you a pic if you ask)


Aha a quick troll back through my photobucket files and I found a few pics!




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i want 1 bad lol, i can see it now. 15 on the back, foil on the cav plate and 1 trim tab, and we have yak races, i'm keen lol, love this idea:woohoo:

stuff it, i'm gonna do this,let you's know how it goes

quick who sells tempo's

i'll show ya's pimp my ride lol

going shopping on the site to see if anybody's got a tempo

you betta watch your ass terry, here i come lol:ohmy: :dry: this is me looking 4 u terry :P

vrrroooooommmmmmmmmm :silly: :blink:;):huh::huh:

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Brian D wrote:

Talking about electric outboards, has anyone seen the new German models with the battery in the head as part of the unit, similar to a mobile phone but bigger.

There is a 15 HP model coming, that's right a 15 HP Electric. :woohoo:

Torqeedo is the name i think but i heard they were $3500

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