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Mono backing


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Cowfish13 wrote:

Also, with the mono backing, make sure that you put on some mono that is heavier than the braid. If you ever get into a situation where you're gonna get spooled, you don't want to lose all of your braid if the mono backing snaps
horses for courses, i use 20 lb mono, then spool up the 80 lb braid, different fishing, drag pressures etc, the reason for this is if and when i ever got close to being spooled the tension on the braid will not cut, dig into the mono as the braid is on the spool under quite a bit of tension where as the mono is not under as much pressure, just my thoughts and the way i do it, i'd love to get spooled 1 day on 1 of these rods, actually no i don't lol:ohmy:
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