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spare spools (shimano sienna)


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anyone know where i can purchase some spare spools?

would like to put some different braid on my shimano sienna 2500. wondering if all/most shimano 2500 reels are the same as i saw some on ebay a few weeks ago


tried looking through motackle and anaconda weren't able to help.

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Try calling Shimano. I asked about a spare spool for my Sienna 2500 last year. They didn't have any at the time but the cost was something like $25 + postage


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Hey mate

Usually the spools sit flush on other model reels although the drag knobs often wont. Even if the thread on the drag nob fits you may affect the drag if it isn't sitting completely correct on the spool, check it out first. I may be wrong.

Im currently ordering a new drag knob and spool for a stradic from BCF (because i bought it there appratenyl its cheaper) and its been 3 weeks now. Dunno whats going on.

Cheers mate


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Most are the same.

When my Twin Power blew up I used the TP spool on a Sienna Body.

I have also used a Revros spool as a 3rd spool option for the TP.

Mate pretty sure I have a spare Sienna somewhere. Ill try and dig it up. If I can fine it ill bring it to the swap meet.



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