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Sherwood - 13.06.09 - night session


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hi all

decided to hit the river near my place with 2 other friends. it was super duper cold but we just soldiered on.

didn't have any bait with us so I brought my cast net. hoping to get either some poddy mullet or some live prawns. it was absolutely freezing when we got there but we set up and being the only one who knew how to use the cast net, I set about cast netting.

i've only brought the small 6 foot one (have a big 12 foot one but no idea how to cast it - too bloody heavy). anyway, water was dead still and there was hardly anything alive out there. no bats, no crickets, no nothing. everything must have been hiding away from the cold in their burrows or something but here were 3 idiots braving the cold.

first couple of casts and my hands were about to fall off from the cold. next cast and I felt some weight in the net. thought it might have been a branch or something but it started wriggling and thrashing about. I was like 'hang on.. i've got something big.... a threadie perhaps?'...

as i pulled in, i saw this flash of white and i was like.. 'hooray!!! we've got a ....... threadie... no mullet!'... it was a massive like almost 35cm fat mullet and it was seriously thrashing about in the net. pulled it out and chucked it in some water in the bucket. was going to cut it up for bait but friend dashed off to get bait from the servo down the road.

he wasn't gone long and I started cast netting again. maybe about 3-4 casts in, i had some weight in the net again! this started wriggling even more. so i was like 'this is it.. its a threadie'.... twenty bucks no one will guess what it was...

It was a bloody bass! and a big one for that matter too - it was 40cm from head to tail. it was in superb condition, shiny scales, fat belly and bright eyes.. i was astonished to find bass that far up the river... this fellow went into the bucket as a friend wanted him for his live tank.

anyway friend came back with bait so we baited up and cast out (fishing lines this time). i managed a couple of live prawns in the net so these went on as well. had something pull my line out, fought a while and brought up a cattie. nothing much else happened for the night and the temperature dropped even further.

decided to pack up at around 230 so wound up stuff and packed. friend had his line out so i reeled it in and it suddenly took off!... good weight on it but i didn't think it would be anything much. passed the rod to friend. he fought for a while when suddenly the line went slack... our guess was it was another cattie.

got home, bass was still alive so tried to swim him in a bigger tub of water. he started kicking strongly but strangely enough didn't last long. so into the freezer he went. not sure if he would taste good on the plate. had bass at the winter camp 2 years ago and it tasted pretty good to me. any suggestions

i didn't take pics at that time as we didn't bring the camera but will try and see if I can get a pic tonight. he's still in the freezer. its likely to be a bass unless I'm very wrong.

til then

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Mate thats really cool catching a bass in that stretch of the river.

Bad news though is its closed season for bass fishing in rivers. Not having a go as obviously you unaware but yeah. Its was most likely there as they move down river to spawn at this time of year.

Still ok to catch them in impoundments.


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It is bass breeding season at the moment and head to the brackish waters to do their business they are a no take species in the rivers from the 1st of june till the 31st of Aug. bass can be kept from impoundments but if you happen to get one as bycatch in the rivers it should be released :)

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Not trying to have a go mate,

Also I believed that taking a wild fish home to put in a fish tank is an illegal activity? Can anyone please clarify this for me.

Good fish none the less, thank you for the report.

Cheers TomW

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yoyo wrote:

Stay where you are. Your IP has been tracked. Fisheries are on their way.

Resistence is futile..

hahahaha.......as if they'd move that quick. or at all. actually they probably would move that quick and nab you for it......and leave the people that intentionally fill their eskies with undersize fish to come back for more!!

good couple of catches there though mate - pity it all came out of the cast net!!

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pinkey wrote:

Time to bust out the jackalls and throw them around jindalee in hope of a "catfish".

Cool catch mate.

Actually not just il-leagle to keep them but to actively chase them as well.

So suggest you use something else for your " catfish"

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novrain wrote:


didn't know about that rule else he would have definitely gone back in.

next time you are at a tackle shop grab a fresh and salt water regulations info.

Or here it is on line as ignorance is not an excuse.


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ignorance is not an excuse here and mistake acknowledged

just want to find out if it really is a bass that i got in the cast net

noted that future bass will be released if another is caught between now till end of aug [img size=448

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