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Hi all

lost my licence

im 37, if anyone is near greenslopes and willin to pick me up (will throw in for peddy)

im keen for a landbased night a fish,(havnt been in a while), maybe newie,shuyltz,manly,redcliffe, pinkenba, boggy

or indro, bait lure or placcys, im easy.

drop me a pm if you headin out on a landbased mission


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Don't give in too easilly mate! Bump the thread for a few days to keep it up where everyone can see it....

I'm normally going from Kingston and my girl lives in Highgate Hill, I'll try and keep you in mind as I mostly go by myself and some company might be nice.

Greenslopes is on the way to some places I go as well so wouldn't be to big of hassle.

PM me your number and we'll tee something up.


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nadders wrote:

watch out guys he's a forum tough guy

dont wanna head down a road where you might get hurt ay :ohmy:

:lol: :kiss:


Im not, far from it.. met a few off here, its all good

just felt like a fish the other night, doesnt matter all good, might get up and runnin soon enough

yes and nadders a bit of criticism I guess, take it like a man

you have handed it out to me in the past so I guess what goes around ;)

thanks tattomaker will do, sounds like the river is still a bit quiet but it does hold some good fish at this time of year, hoping the fresh will clear sooner.


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i guess you are davefishmad?

i dunno mate i get the feeling you are out to stir trouble sometimes, when i had a go at you last time it was pretty hard to look at that thread and come up with anything other than "what the hell is this guys problem". no need to dig that up though...

but anyway i dont see how me offering to teach someone to throw a cast net equates to me proclaiming to be an expert on the brisbane river so i guess you're stirring again


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