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Maroon 12/7


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don't know that way ,was looking on the map.

think i go it sussed.

from Capalaba

i would take MT Lindesay HWY (13),then beaudsert -boonah rd (90),then on to boonah -rathdowney rd (93).u go through boonah that way but the road is better .

do not take HWY 13 to rathdowney then HWY 93.boonah -rathdowney rd (93) from just after rathdowney (upper logon road )area to maroon dam .is a narrow ,curvey ,hilly road.

we have traveled the section from maroon to upper logon road many times as we camp there.

a fair bit of the road in that section is 1 lane and there is 3 one way bridges in that section too.

it's not the better road.

from redbank plains i take cunningham hwy (15) then on to ipswich -boonah rd (93)its a little hilly but i find it ok and shorter than staying on hwy 15 .

hwy 93 links on to hwy 90 and goes to boonah ,then back on to hwy 93,but it boonah -rathdowney rd after boonah.the road from boonah to maroon is ok.

that should give guys from brisbane area a idea on what roads to take.

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Looks like a lot more water out there then this time last year at least you would be on cement when you launch.good photos man very pretty little dam and good little bass my youngest daughter cut her teeth on maroon bass and still out fishes the old man :laugh:

cheers dassa

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