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brissie river spottie


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so havnt had much to report on for a while due to lack of fishing but got out yesterday with a mate for a fish in the river

headed off from pinkenba around 6:00am with not much luck for the first few hours before deciding to have a go at the wharfs out the front with some bait... not much for the first 20 minutes and then reece gets a hit, sets the hook and this thing took about 75m of line in the first run! stumped as to what it could be about 10 minutes and 3 more blistering runs passed before an 82cm spottie mackeral was safely in the net and boat...

cant say much for the rest of the day, a few hit on live mullet where they would just come up scaled but no other fish landed...

was a perfect day to be out, headed home happy around lunch time. although i was leaving with a big fat donut yet again

cheers, jake



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top catch for the river jake he looks fat too it's a fantastic year for the mackerel and they would have migrated north by now normally but the warm water has hung around a lot longer. they are being caught everywhere still and i have seen them jump right out of the water further upstream around boat passage before. this should be the last month they be around this year before the water temp drops and the snapper come in close to breed. bet you were surprised when he surfaced


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