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MBC Dunwich style


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I was deckie on Keen-as fishos boat for the weekend and we had grand plans for the weekends comp.


first cast in at Wello, I was off the dreaded donut

But sadly the biggest fish around was a paltry 33cm, but we boated around 30 in quick succession, even a nice little trev


As the sun rose and the squire got quiet, moved over to the south west side of Peel and drifted around bouncing plastics off the bottom. The flounder took quite a liking to Den's 5" gulps


I got onto a few stripeys and we also hooked a pretty parrot. We headed over to Dunwich for a feed and to castnet up some bait, and first cast I had about 4 litres of hardiheads. Met up with Tugger and Dassa on the beach, then some suss looking bloke with noname wanders down for a chat and proclaims that there will be no fish in the middle of the day, so cop this Rob!


Den was lucky to land it on 4lb bream gear

And I got absolutely owned by a bigger model off the surface shortly after with my 6lb bream gear.


At this point we were wondering whether 'target species' was worth missing out on the action around the pier and our MBC plans went out the window. But we did pick up a few random flathead, nothing huge though



As the sun went down the squire came on the chew, but again, all that we found was the nursery


sunset over Peel

And while casting around in the shadows I managed to pick up a third place with my only tailor for the trip and was taken on a 1/4oz jighead with a 6" snapback plastic


Den will have some more pics to add this arvo, and add his 2 cents worth

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:woohoo: Thanks AFO team for putting on a great weekend and a big thanks to the weather gods. Unfortunatly we didn't manage to many sized entries apart from Tomcas tailor but the action we encountered over the course of the event was exciting to say the least.

My main target for the weekend was bream as I need the practice for ABT and if I caught the rest it was a bonus. Well I got a hand full of bream biggest going 25.5cm, it was very frustrating. Whilst casting a 3inch banana prawn for a big bream in about 7m of water, it got smashed by a kingie (pic above, obviously) It was caught on 4lb fins and 8lb nitlon dfc leader, daiwa tierra 2000 and trion rod. It was my first yellow tail kingie so you can amagin just how stoked I was :woohoo: It whent 54cm.

There where a wide range of other species caught that kept it interesting, heaps of squire, trevally, bream, parrot (biggest 31cm), morwong at 33cm, different reef species, flounder and a lone kingie (landed :P ) at least a hundred plus fish caught.


I was a bit hesatant to take my boat accross to strady mainly because I haven't been that far before. But I am glad we did, there where no dramas at all. I had the boat serviced last week at 'Boat and Car servicing Browns Plains', job well done motor ran smoothly and started better than when I got it 4 years ago, they are also quite well priced.

The camp out on the boat at Dunwich wasn't to bad, a bit cramped but not bad. It wasn't to cold, mind you I had a jumper on with a jacket on top, socks and a binnie. The only problem was at about 1am there was some dirty scabs snooping around my boat, they had no lights on and idling a couple of metres away. They did this a couple times before coming right up to the boat, so I stood up got the spot light out and shon it in there faces. They motored off pretty quick :lol: bloody scum bags.

Anyway great weekend and good company on board 'On My Way' with plenty of fish caught.

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