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Sounder issues


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My humminbird 210max sounder has been playing up, and with winter bass calling, I am thinking I might attend to it soon.

Just wondering if anyone has some idea of the source of the problem:

when switched on the screen shows me dark interference (like you're over a big weed bed) and no matter how shallow or deep the reading is 240ft or more, and the temp is 34 degrees.

Tried different batteries to run it and does the same thing whether its mounted in the kayak hull of more traditionally on the boat.

Maybe I need to send it for a service?

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i got the same sounder .

it dose the same thing .

when on the plane .

when in shallow water ,1/2 a meter ish.

when there is a lot of sediment /crap in the water .

with mine i don't think it a fault in mine .

cause it ok at slow speeds ,in water a close to a meter and over and when i mover of the current flow /crap it worked ok.

if u want u can borrow my transducer ,try it on yours.

mine transducer is not hard mounted ,so easy to grab.

pretty sure we don't fish on the same days .

i know i won't be fishing this weekend as i have a wedding to go to .

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