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davo's MBC report


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well i started writing this yesterday as i was bored ,hence the silly pics of Henry's boat.

but i end up having to go out ,so what the hell ,i finished it tonight and post it.

there no fish ,just one of my usual blabber on's.

davo's MBC report

well i was sick so didn't do things as planned ,still had a good weekend .

so Saturday we left home around 10:30 after just throwing stuff in the tinny and car .

a stop to get fuel ,oil and maccers breakfast .

which was over :(

so on the way down one of the home made skids broke and fell off somewhere .

i pulled over as i thought dam the light board looks like its sitting funny ,well that's when i found out we lost a skid . :ohmy:

oh well strap it down tighter and keep going .

it was about 1 pm when we got down to manly ,no 1 was about as we where 2 late .

stuffed about till around 2pm ish mixing fuel and sorting gear out ,etc.

so me and rhys went out for a spin and a quick fish anyways .

out to D'arcy light ,soaked some pillies .

nothing happening bar pickers .

so back to the ramp and home before the dark and cold kicked in.

had some fun at the ramp too ,as we had a bigger motor on and as i put the tinny on it popped the hitch . :blink: always a adventure :)

so went to bed early and set the alarm for 4 am ,fingers crossed .

managed to wake up at 4 am ,didn't feel to bad so off we go at 5 am.

ran out of fuel ,just beside the servo .

so put some fuel in and pit stop at maccers ,breakfast yum ,coffee yuck yuck yuck.

got down there around 7 am ish .

had a chat with gus ,john ,henry .

so about 8 am ish we head off to the ramp .

had one of the girls with me today ,she was the only 1 willing or stupid enough to get up at 4 am .

a bit more wind and chop around today .

we headed out to green for a look about,then around the back of green and down to huybers beacon.

looking to drop some pots in ,gave up as we where cold and wet .

zipped across to the front of fishers island ,soaked some pillies for a bit .

drifted along the boat passage side and anchored around the front .

just end up losing bait to pickers .

so it was about 10:30 ish and we where cold and wet ,so we headed back to the ramp.

no problems today as i was prepared ,had a chat to a bloke at the cleaning tables .

he had a heap of whiting and parrot ,some nice big ones too .

so then cruised back to HQ for the presentation and a chat etc .

end up being a top afternoon .

so in total no fish .

spent about 2 hrs fishing and 3 or so hrs hooning around over the 2 days .

we did do some sounding around and checking spots out for future reference .

between that and chatting to peeps ,reckon we mite have some ok spots to try .

so i did win a door prize :)

got the john deere pack ,suffer kreel :P

maybe next year u will get it :)

pretty kewl i reckon ,i was rapped .


this being my third afo comp ,fifth afo event.

first was the shark social ,kooka park .back in jan 09.

just went for a meet and greet ,end putting a line in ,the boy got a nice flathead ,dinner yum.

second state of origin ,comp .aug 09 .

had plans to fish,got wasted the first night.had alcohol poisoning for the 3 days.:ohmy:

me and a cpl of the kids did sort of fish,got some bream and flathead nothing big.

kids had a ball getting little fish off the bank and playing .

third was the kayak social/comp.aug 09.

me and rhys entered this 1 ,in the canoe .

we got up early and forgot the bait ,so fish plastics all day.

caught a small sole ,had a good day .

poor rhys was crook all day ,chucked a few times.

forth was the flathead social .sept 09.

took the whole family and friends to this 1 .

had a lazy fish on the beach ,kids played etc .

no real fish caught but had a top family day out .

the afo xmass party .09.

had a good time ,chat and meet new people .

behaved myself .

then this 1 the Morton bay classic .

so third time lucky .

third comp .

go me a lucky door prize :)

so the wrap up is

no fish ,had a top time as always with afo events .

caught up and had a chat etc .

didn't really meet any new people at this 1 ,as i was still ill ,tired and not over chatty or mingling .

strange thing i didn't take any pics or video .

i usually take some pics of the scenery or video of the boat/canoe going or something ,even if there no fish caught .

what ya reckon .the next model for john deere.


so the stuff has been stashed .

as i have had some of my kids and other kids that have been over eying it off .

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tomca wrote:

hey Davo, I think you have missed a whole year somewhere :huh: , or maybe you're still living in 2009, then it would all make sense :P

ah i did miss a year .

fixed now .

i'm still half off in lala land .

spend yesterday arvo and a lot of last night asleep,was still buggered from sunday and sunday night.

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Bluevien wrote:

Good on ya Davo. It's nice to walk away with something but it's all about getting out there and having fun, eh. I hope to get to an event when my shifts allow, I like the laid back feeling I am gettig from these reports.


yeah u got to get to 1 .

there a good time .

yeps it all about having fun .

i like them as they get me motivated and out there ,trying new things and places .

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