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Back Out at Hope Island 22/5

Miss Munchkin

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Mr Felix and I went out to Hope Island yesterday with it being the first time since our eventful last fishing trip (The knife attack one(Thank god, the lack of fishing was driving me insane :S ) to a spot we stopped going to for a while as we knew it would be somewhere where I could just sit down and fish.

We got there on the low tide at around 12:30 and we saw some splashes on the surface, so Mr Felix started to chuck around a lure at it to try and see if he could catch whatever it was. 10 minutes later and a change in lure, sure enough, Mr Felix was on and in came a little Bream, but this was not the things splashing on the surface. Although, whilst bringing in the lure before the Bream got it, Mr Felix did happen to catch a glimpse. It happened to be some big and agressive Gar Fish that were busting up on the surface.

With that in mind, Mr Felix knew that the Gars were going to be to small to hook up on his lures so he gave up on them and just started to chucking them out. It wasn't to long before another small Bream was on and being brought in.


I was sitting at the spot that I had chosen using Prawns and Chicken Gut (which normally works at the area) and was getting a few little nibbles on the Prawns and then nothing. And not even a bite on the chicken gut.... Hmmm.

Back down at Mr Felix's end he was chucking his lure around some more after those two successful hook ups and as before, it wasn't long till.... Bam, Mr Felix hada fish on and it was pulling. Slower than the rest, it came in. It was a very nice spawinging male Bream (thats what he told me)and after that, up he came to where I was.

After Mr Felix got to where I was, it wasn't long before the bites started happening.... Bite.. bite.. bite... and bam, I was on and in came a little Bream. Yay, my first fish of the day!. In went another Prawn after that and then I felt a few bites and then nothing, I had been snagged (I had actually been snagged a fair bit). With a few lifts of the rod, it came free and then the sound of the drag was like music to my ears, my snag had turned into a fish!

Up came the fish and it was a nice sized Tarwhine. I was so happy to see it, my second and last fish of the day! I gave up a little while after that due to many problems that were occuring due to my line.

After that, it died down and Mr Felix started to use one of his favourite lures, Mr Chubby as he calls it (its a Green atomic hardz, deep diving lure) and there were a few nibbles but nothing came from it. Before putting it away, Mr Felix saw some of fish stealing the bait I chucked out. So he retrieved some of the bait with Mr Chubby and had some fun. Chucking some Gut on the line, he had a few good pulls, but nothing came from it, so we chucked the rest of the bait (that he had retrieved) back and saw a big fish steal it... Damn that fish!

We left having a good day and some good fun!

Note: No fish were harmed and were all released back to their homes!

Thank you! :cheer:

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Actually, I'll tell the REAL story...

Ok, so there's nothing real to it I guess. I did take 3 breambos, but all came on unweighted baits of local prawns fished along a rocky drop-off at the base of the wall. Lures unfortunatley didn't bear any fruit, although a large silver shape that materialised from the base of the rock wall and followed my little green atomic hardz (chubby B) ) looked WAY to much like a barramundi...

Lack of fishing has driven me crazy.

To sum it up, it was a decent day to be out on the water, and good to get the missus out. Now, she might stop hassling me about not being able to fish... HA! I wish

I think if we had stayed into the early hours of the night we may of had more luck, but it was just too risky with her on crutches and the tide rising fast

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@ Joel: Normally we do get photo's but this time, we didnt have the camera and Im normally the one who takes pictures, but this time I was partially immobilised, so no pictures this time.

@ Gad: Thanks, it felt better to be back out again, even if it was a bit hard, but oh well.

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