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Bumper Trip Yesterday


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With good weather forecast and no booking I did a ring around of some of my regular customers and assembled a full crew for a full day. We got off to a good start with Craig jigging a few good strings of slimeys on the small jigs. That is all they would touch with the bigger jigs only pulling a few yakkas. While this was going on a school of mahi mahi came past and by keeping one in the water at all times we ended up with five in the esky. A good start to the day.

We headed down to Caloundra and tried in shallow for a parrot, moses and Jeff's samsonfish but it wasn't red hot. A bit wider and we got onto the pearlies. In with the pearlies were some cracking good trag jew and a couple of pigfish. Near bagging out on the pearlies we went shallow again trying for parrot. Still no good with the odd little parrot here and there but no big hit of big fellas. We did scratch up a few legal red throat emperor too which was a good bonus. We headed back deeper to finish off the pearlies and picked up some more trag and a good brown maori cod for Jeff. In total the boys ended up with 39 fish for the day.




The boys share.


And a recent gamefish trip with Julian and his Victorian mate with the photos just coming to light. We started on spaniards first but did no good on the marlin or sailfish.



The new River to Sea man.


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This was yesterday's trip. Wish the weather forecasts could get it right. 18knots of west all day and didn't drop, actually got worse. Cancelled today now all the obs this arvo are sub 10knots from the SW. Mongrels.

64cm, 4.3kg so just under 10lb parrot.


Back at the ramp.


Nice colour.


What the boys took home. 26 fish excluding the trevally. 13 were mahi mahi and the rest reefies. Did get a couple of just legal squire today. Couldn't chase the pearlies as it was too windy and we were drifting too quick in that wind.


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