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2010 Winter Camp - Discount For Kayakers!


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After careful consideration I thought id have a chat to Steve RE a discounted price at Winter Camp for people who want to use their own Kayaks.

In past years we have had a discounted price (of approx $50) for people willing to use their own water craft (boats or kayaks). The original decision this year not to have that option was not based around not wanting people to bring their own, but the serious lack of parking space for cars with trailers at the ramps at the moment. Ideally we would have all Steve's boats full with people who have no other option and then a whole more in their own vessels!

Steve has decided however that based on the success of the AFO Kayak Camp at Hinze Dam, and the slightly more flexible nature of roof mounted kayaks to offer this discount to yakkers. Bare in mind there may be the annoying necessity to drop the kayak at the water and then park a bit away, but I am sure we will manage.

Anyway the discounted price for yakkers will be $140 (as opposed to $195 for boaters).

Besides the lack of a boat on offer, this discounted rate includes all the other perks of the camp:

* Comp Entry.

* All meals.

* Accommodation.

* Fishing permit.

* Live Shrimp if required.

* Gear and tackle if required.

Cheers guys.

I hope this has made the event more accessible for some.


P.S. Ill still be boating :P

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