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Trolling Lures - Pelagics.

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Like others have mentioned rapalas and halco laser pro's. Have trolled a halco giant trembler around a lot last season for one fish. One freak cobia.

Personally have found halcos to be more productive than rapalas. Found little to no difference in productiviy between colours.

For a higher speed bibless lure try the river 2 sea ones they perform well and come rigged with big singles rather than trebles so are capable of hooking and landing billfish etc.

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Bri The Pom wrote:

Yep, there the colours i have red/white and pilchard/sardine colours.


Halco do a bibless called a trembler is that what you mean, do they work.



Dear God yes they work! I took a dozen of these up to Seisia with me when I went up there and didn't bring a single one back. The scars and teeth marks on them were just insane and I would never go chasing mackerel without them! In saying that, the big trevs loved them too ;-)

I don't do much of that kind of fishing anymore but everyone I know that goes chasing macks have these in their kit. The sound they make and the action on the lure is what got me to use them - just looked too good to not catch fish.

The ones I used were the H57 baitfish, H69 bonito, H52 fluro green and H50 pilchard. Check them out here - http://www.halcotackle.com/gtjig.html

If I was chasing them, I'd have some of these for sure! I've heard good reports of the river 2 sea ones as well!

Good luck and post a report when you get back! I hope you get some good photos!



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halco's are good.rapala's too.

starlo squidgie slick rigs 130mm drop bears are a fantastic allrounder good to have in the tackle box.you can troll em (fast as well) cast and retrieve and drop em straight to the bottom to get a feww reefies aswell a good all round lure bang for buck I reckon.

also look at williamson lures,they have a great range of soft rubber troll baits pre rigged.


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