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Brisy River 11/06/2010

dog pound

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You would have to love a early knock off, got off at 2 decided to hit the river for a quick fish Alo hooked up the tinny we grabed a bag off pillies and in the river we go, had a fish around the pipeline to no avail and only 1 hour left before i had to pick up the kids, so we headed down to the river mouth, conditions were perfect for a change.

Sounded up some fish on the bottom so the pillies went down we ended up catching 10 squire and 5 of those were legal, the smallest kept was 37cm and the largest was 46cm time was up and had to leave them on the bite ( god i hate that) Why does the unplanned trips seem to be the most fun and productive, anyway great arvo followed by a top feed . mail5.jpgmail1.jpgmail3.jpgmail7.jpg

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