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PNG Fishing, Just to make you jealous


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Just while sitting at uni was going through a few photos from a mate from PNG. Just though we could all appreciate them while sitting in our dull offices/schools/universitys

First, a few shots from Bensbach




They dont have the size limits up there we do...

a few deer they shot



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Yeah unfortunately the trade off is living behing 10ft razor wire fences, living on compounds with armed guards, often needing security escorts after dark, and putting up with things like this at your local yacht club




A group of blokes (well the latest group of blokes) to hold up the Lae yacht club in the middle of the day, robbed the safe then got shot up by security on the way out, one bloke shot and killed (shown dying) and the rest fleeing without the money. The locals up there have home-made guns (as shown) and there is not much the coppers can (or try) to do. Loved my days up there, but lately it's gone down the sh#*ter

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Cool fish catches but poor living - thanks for the report......I think.

Yeah mate, haven't lived there for 9 or en years, the place really started going down hill since then. That said, this is in the 'major' cities, mostly lae and moresby (moresby is actually getting a bit better though). It's not going to stop me heading back sometime in the next 5 years for the game fishing titles though!! Trick is to find a local expat to take you under their wing and stay out of major districts

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