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Alright you lot it's time for the reel football to start so Iv'e got a league up and running on


comp name:afo afl


comp code: 266155

This is for or all the people that follow the real football so this how it goes

1 point for each correct team and if you jag the lot 2 bouns point's

non submission of team's will give you the way team's

A late submission will give the away team of that game

Prize's ;BRAGGING RITE'S just a bit of fun as there are lot of people from interstate that enjoy the AFL.

P.S no collingwood supporters aloud :P :P

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You've been in Queensland for years now Dassa, you've really got to learn the language

1more thing there's one 2 game's in the world were you pass the ball back wards to go forward's (LEAGUE/UNION)

I think its great that the guys have a hobby and play other games, grid-iron, soccer, ALF. Didn't a group of Queensland lads do well for a number of years with your LFA game... the Lions that's them. I just wonder how well they could do if they did it as more than a hobby.

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As this comp is purely about bragging rights I'd just like to point out that I got 7 this week (missed the draw for some reason), next best is 5. While I am sure I have peaked early (currently seeing the doc about this problem, nasal spray on the way), I currently have the bragging rights so thought I'd use them!!! Ha ha!!! :P

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