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boardem= npd redclaw at 7pm


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me and the misses were sitting at home board out of our brain. i said to her , what u want to do bub. she goes lets go for a flick...mm ok where, she goes lets do somethin differant and hit NPD for some red claw. so we packed our 8 pots and of we went. we got to the dam at around 8.15, unloaded the pots and put 5 smooshed pillies in each and headed for the water.

while we waited we went on a toad killing spree with an old school 3 iron. after an hour of slaying toads we went do to the water and pulled our pots, and believe me for only an hr had more than enough for a feed......




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thats a good haul for a spur of the moment trip.......!!!

redclaw worrie me big time as last time i ate them we were hand picking them in about 30cm of water in a farm dam in adelaide.....

man o man was i sick for the next 24 hours!!!

no one else got sick just me!!!

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