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"smoked" at Brekky


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I went down to Brekky to have a quick flick for Bream after work tonight. I Arrived a bit later than i planned so the water level was lower than I had wanted. Tried all of my favourite rocky outcrops..nothing. Fished all the way from the bridge to around past the pontoon. Just before the sandy patch near the river walk my Atomic Hardz deep diver got smashed about 3 metres from the bank. 4lb braid started peeling off my straddic and I almost dropped my Loomis in the water by the power in this run. I called it for a cod at first, but it went out to deep water and not rocks. There went my cod theory. After 10 mins of gently playing it and a few more good runs I had him close to the edge. Before I got colour, off it went again. This time cutting my 6lb fluro on the rocks. No idea what it was, but it was a nice fish. Oh well :( Next half hour produced nil. Then I went home.

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