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This is how bend a rod on a Longtail


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Went out this arvo with On-The-Chew and Flash1980 for a quick hour of power on the Longies that are everywhere at the moment. Heading out again in the morning so a full report with pics tomorrow. Landed one this arvo of about 8kg and we hooked about three others. Should be fun tomorrow. Note also the bend in the rod below, it's a 3-6kg Daiwa Interline TM-Z with a Stradic CI4 4000 not ideal for the job but it worked.




Just an update, went out today for no Tuna at all very quiet in fact. They would've been around a bit later but we were out early and weren't to keen to hang around much longer. Here's a pic of the one from yesterday it would be somewhere around 7-8kg.



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