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Recomended boat insurance companies

Bri The Pom

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mate im interested in this also. ill find out who my mates with i say this as he was with RACQ when he had a 4.2 consol old as the hills and he now has a formosa 5.5 and is paying the same amount as the old tinny threw this new insurer. racq are a rip off. try whitworths site they do insurance i think? sus it out

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club marine are good till a claim surfaces , took almost 3.5 mths for them to replace the stolen outboard with alot of me ringing them to ask what was happening every week .

30hp merc with under 15 hrs and 18mths old and there replacement value was $1700 ( that was their average quote ? ) :blink: ,

Fitted was $3150 so i was expected to fork out the other 1600 odd dollars . :ohmy:

Abit of mate your head is in your ass if you think thats happening and the ended up kicking

$2950 into the tin . I had to fork out $200 with $100 being the excess so i could live with

that .

This was with police reports on a spree of theft and cars busted into in our street in 1 night , 5 cars broken into 1 stolen and my motor stolen and that still wasn't good enough for them to fork out .

Claim settled and insurance cancelled the next week and now with suncorp who were almost

$100 a year cheaper . $278 pa i think for a 2009 stessco / late 2010 30hp tiller / trailer

etc .

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I use a broker that is a boatie and a member of the Moreton bay trailer boat club. I policy is one that was put together for members of the club and then opened up to other clients, it is under writen by QBE. Recently I went through the renewal process and shopped around for a better price, what I found was I was only paying about $40 more than the cheapest but getting a lot better coverage. Lower excess and a better agreed value and no mucking around breaking the package into trailer motor and hull components.

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