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Having to sign in each time I want to view AFO


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Have gone back over 1 year in this thread and cant find any solutions to this problem.

Everytime I select AFO from my favourites, I need to log on. I have already made sure I tick the remember me button, I have re elstablished AFO in the facvourites tab after I had signed on, have lowered the cookies acceptance thing in the settings but it still wants me to sign on each time.

I am using Internet Explorer on Windows 7.

Can anyone help, as I find myself not logging on as much now as I cant just have a quick look without signing in each time.

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Apart from Aussie's method (which I can't remember), your browser settings may be the problem.

I use F/Fox and have the settings set that all cookies, caches and history are deleted when I close the browser.

So try going into Tools and Options (?) and see if you can find something that logic would suggest may be preventing things from working as you would like.

Greg - PM sent.

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