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The Camo Atomic strikes again...


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Went for a bit of a drive with old mate again today, went searching the G.C Hinterland streams for some bass.

It must of looked pretty funny as his left arm is stuffed to, so there we are 2 crippled gimppy looking fisho's wandering around the scrub. Any ways, I thought we'd go have a look at these spots I found the other day. Then old mate looks in the van for his tackle box "Ahh (insert word here,) I forgot me bloody box. :blink: .

No worries I've got a few extra bits with me. So I tied on a super bass for him, and we started fishing.

Second cast in BANG I'm on. short but spirited fight up comes a little fella mid 20's. (Again fell prey to the camo atomic.)LOVE THAT LURE...

Then I can hear old mate going off his head, "what's up?" I yell. "This bloody lure ya give me, all it does is catch trees."

So I got the lure out of the tree and alls good agin... for a while.

Things got quiet so we moved spots, 4 or 5 casts and I'm on again.

This fish feels a bitt better. He did his best to bury in the weeds and lilys but I got him up. Fit looking early 30's model.


Then I hear old mate muttering something again, go down to see what the go is, snagged again, this time on a submerged tree. (I think he enjoys catching wood :silly: )

Tried our best with the tackle back but no go, so I snapped it off.

We ended up packing it in after that as the sun had dipped behind the hills and the cold air started make the shoulder play up.

Cheers for reading.

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We Should go chasing some bass down your way Kiwi...oh but you gotta get up EARLY to chase bass, haha

Hahahaha Sounds good Dan and if i wasn't on AFO most the night till early morning I reckon i could get up early to go fishing ;) , its so ADDICTIVE AFO, I blame Angus for this :lol::lol::lol:;):)

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