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Coomera Sat 14th


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Picked up my new shimano baitrunner 4500b and pacific composites rod today and went to my little land based spot on the coomera last night to blood it.

Was a little too eager to get it in the water so didnt bother with getting any livies and put out some nice big banannas. Popped her out and set it in the rod holder while I played with my light outfit.

The bream were on the bite hard and picked up about 12 out of the first 15 casts. All up on the bream picked up about 20 for the sesh but only a few made 27 - 30cm.

Anyway as for the baitrunner the tide had just started to run out again and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

you little ripper! Set the hooks and felt the weight and realised I had a fair fish on and was putting up quite a fight. Jewie was going through my head as thats what I was targeting and as I got it to the bank

I could see a big fat belly in the moonlight. :woohoo: Turned on my headlamp only to see a big ugly cattie about the5 kg mark staring back at me. :evil: Caught another one not long after about 3 kg. Not the jewies I was after but atleast I got to feel how the rod went as catties that size put on a good show.

I hope the catties havnt put bad mojo on it though :pinch:

Cheers Rob

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Gotta love it when you think you have a good fish then either a slimy smelly catfish pops up or a bloody big green toadfish. Both put on a good show then dissapoint! Always good to put a bend in a new rod though. Sounds like the bream kept you entertained.


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I'm sure you're not the first and wont be the last to blood good new gear on the dreaded catties :lol:

I missed your other thread on the dropshot, but for what it's now worth I have a 6-10kg dropshot that is way too stiff for landbased work. So you probably did better getting what you did. :)

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