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bass slowing down


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Talk around that the Bass in my area are starting to slow down. I noticed last week that there were less than before. There is a spot I have been wanting to fish for a while now, but the 200 metres of waist deep rapids to get to it has always scared me off a bit. My dad met me there this morning in his single yak and he kindly "somehow" managed to get me over to the other side without getting wet. There was a lot of likely looking spots. First cast a got a little 15cm one. I thought it might be an ok morning. I was wrong. In the next 2 hours had only one hookup each, with both fish pulling hooks. Actually one fish snapped a hook on my Atomic Hardz. (dan25 are you reading this? You were right) A bit later I cast next to a big rock that had a deep hole next to it. It looked like something just had to be there. Right on cue a 44cm (fork length) Bass inhaled my spinnerbait. That was all we got for the few hours we fished. Now I'm at work, oh well...thats life :( Dan


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