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The yaks first voyage over the border with a Pb


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I'm currently trying to land a legal size Jew in the yak and with todays late arvo high I jumped on Google maps to see where was out of the stiff SE'r that was blowing. Decided on the Tweed river mainly around the main bridge that goes over it and it would also be the first trip over the border for the yak. Loaded the car and stopped on the way to pick up a license. Put in just under the bridge at about 2.00 and first cast i'm on to a not bad fish, the result being a Bream. I had a ruler but didn't do a too good a job of measuring it but it was over 30cm no worries. So off to a good start, paddled around for a bit with a few fish here and there mainly Bream, Flathead and Tailor. As the tide slowed I threw around the bigger plastics in hope of a Jew but they didn't seem to be playing ball so back to the smaller plastics. As the tide turned the Trevally came on the chew and I managed a few small GT's and a couple of Silver Trevally one of which was over 40cm. I haven't caught Silvers since I was a kid and forgot how hard they pull for there size, I reckon pound for pound they would pull a GT backwards. The larger of the two was a Pb for me so the end result for the day was pretty good. I ended up landing about six Tailor but the things must be thick in the river as I lost a heap of plastics that were being bitten clean off.








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