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Advice on putting a motor on this inflatable


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hi all,

been a while since I've come on. flat out with work and the new baby.

got a question here regarding inflatable boats. a good friend of mine (keen fisho too) has just bought an inflatable boat online. its a seahawk 400 or something similar to this - see attached pic.


he is thinking of getting a motor of some sorts to put onto it. i was and actually still am concerned about this because my thinking is that this won't work if there's wind, waves, current etc. will probably only work in calm waters like gold coast canals, college crossing, schultz etc.

anyway, could i get some recommendations on what he could do in terms of putting a mount on it because obviously i will have to be on the inflatable as well. its a 4 man inflatable but no way are 4 people are going to fit on it and fish so i guess 2 at a time and that's pushing it with all the gear and stuff, battery etc. there's no hardboard flooring, just inflatable chambers.

thanks for the advice guys. much appreciated



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Thanks for all the feedback guys. I have been quite apprehensive since the start

cos he is adamant it will work whereas i dont see it being all that safe or stable.

I guess i'll still pass this feedback and advice on to him and go from there. I really dont want

to be floundering in water trying to paddle to shore cos im sure i will need to be in there with him too!

The things we do for a fish. Sigh

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