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sneek peak at whats new from Damiki

Zim man

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hi all

got a few new things in the pipeline, some are here already and some are coming soon

Air craw, be here late august in the 2 inch size. It has air in the claws and stands upright in the water


some recently arrived additions


Tokon Vibe - serious vibe lure, comes with owner hooks RRP $16.99


Tremor lipless crank, comes in silent and rattling versions RRP$15.99


Monster Miki 4.5 inc RRP$10 a pack of 10


more stuff coming soon as well. cant wait to try the tremors at winter camp

thanks for reading

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Cheers have to give them a try love big critters, yank ones are dear here and hit and miss if you mail order. Someone in customs must have a good collection by now :whistle:

Elops they are also actually already in the AFO store: http://www.australianfishing.com.au/shop/soft-plastic-lures/5-soft-plastic-lures/P43-damiki-45-inch-monster-miki

Along with most other Damiki products.

Dassa: All listed products here will be added once they touch Australian soil :)


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