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Duck at NPD 12/7/11


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Went up to NPD with Graham this morning and met up with Dino and Whallyfly at the gate.

They headed off downstream and we made the wrong decision and went upstream.

Nice scenery but no fish.



Not really ducks but will swans do?


We tried several spots but not a bite so we went and did the redclaw pots for half a tub of claw.


The shrimp are really thick and a good size


I will leave Dino and Whally to post their score.

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Thanks Ray, swans ARE a bit bigger than ducks. I went downstream with a few shrimps and did a bit of a hunt around and found THE spot for the morning. 39 bass, about half under 30cm and 5 of the biggest tandanus eeltails I've caught in a long time. Fish were in 27 feet of water and regularly passing through. Secret is to hunt for them on your sounder then when found, lower the pick quietly, let the boat settle then set you baits or toss a plastic on a quarter ounce head and work it slowly over the bottom. Beautiful morning and good fun, I also got a 2 gallon bucket full of redclaw from 1 pot. No pics, I'll leave that to Ray and Dino. Tight Lines. :cheer:

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